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MAT and HAT are Broken

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This problem has been going on for a while, but because a lot of people don't use either MAT or HAT  it hasn't  been addressed thoroughly. The Javelin is the more complicated of the two issues. It sometimes won't lock, sometimes the missile tracks, and then other times you get top down killing madness. This is an ACE issue and might be fixed in 3.7; however, the SMAW is a different story. It doesn't zero with its scope and its iron sight only goes to 250m so why not just is an AT4 at that point, and it sight  is zero'd to 50m no matter  it looks like. The problem is that these problems make HAT and MAT useless, which sucks for the people who love to play them. MAT could be fixed by bringing back the MAWWS from TF47 or any other mod, but even with the new update it doesn't work. I was wondering what the community's  response would be and if it had any possible suggestions for fixes. Also thanks to Ghostdragon for helping with testing.



Benjamin Levine

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MAT TROUBLE (Mk153 SMAW currently only available medium-anti-tank weapon for NATO/BLUFOR faction so heres how to use it)

So when using the SMAW its been noticed that the standard SMAW scope zeroing does not correspond correctly to the input digits and actually has no impact/alteration of the weapon's trajectory at all but instead moves the circular optic up and down the users screen. This means nothing. Zeroing the SMAW will not change the weapon's performance in any way, to efficiently 'range' the SMAW you must use the optic's milldots themselves.


Each milldot on the standard SMAW scope is equivalent to 100m (assuming the vertical angle is 0). This means that on flat ground the Mk153 SMAW's effective range is 600m as there are six 100m milldots on the optic. However the user's height/vertical bearing should be taken into account at ranges around 200m and above. This vertical mesurment can be found by using the binocular type 'Vectors' by aiming at the target, double tap R, hold on second tap and release.


(Example of Mk153's use) MAT Lead has spotted a BTR with his vectors at distance of 450m and a vertical height of 50m. He then relayed this information to the MAT gunner and the gunner adjusted their aim accordingly. The gunner will use the 5th milldot as the target is 450m infront of him and 50m above him, so these measurements will be added together.


On a final note I couldn't stress more the usefulness of the SMAW's 9mm spotting rifle along side of the main tube. When these 9mm rounds are loaded into the SMAW and fired they have extremely similar velocity properties as the main 83mm rocket and even glows bright red when fired. This makes these rounds ideal for medium to long range engagements with the SMAW as the spotting rounds can be used to perfect the user's aim on the target before using the much larger main asset, so please use the 9mm.


Hope this was helpful if anyone has had trouble with the SMAW or wants to know how it works :)

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The fix in the new update is working brilliantly and also should make people aware of the smaw error (the scope moves but now the user continues looking at the previous zero mark meaning it's obvious something isn't working, will post a video if needed to show what I mean )

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