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I think that having the gestures mechanic will be really good and useful like the ones on the King Of The Hill servers, because we can't always switch (or not being able to cuz we are getting shot at or just spotted an enemy and you wanna warn your group) to direct communication to type stop, move forward, etc. it's a not that big of an idea but will surely come in handy sometimes.

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You can use hand gestures in ace3. I have seen them being used only in base when ppl were fooling around.


Hand signals are usefull when you are playing in a tight formation and you pay close attention to your leader. I have not yet seen that on EU1&2. Players there cant even hold formation let alone pay attention for hand signals. AI is sadly not alerted by you talking on VOIP, which is shame if you ask me. So i see no reson to implement it.


Hand signals are a little more helpfull in PvP because you will not alert enemy by using voip. You could circumvent this by using TS for example which is not fairplay in my eyes.

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