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retrofit another server for I&A or something else

Liru the Lcpl.


Did you know Ahoyworld has 6 different servers? Currently, only 3 of them are for the public, and the 3 others are reserved for events. Recently, there has been a massive influx of players to Ahoyworld for the past few weeks regarding EU 1 and 2, and I've even seen more activity on EU 3 via the teamspeak rosters. Ahoyworld is growing, and at its current state, from my eyes, it looks like it's pretty much at capacity with EU 1 and 2 easily reaching their player caps and staying at that for HOURS every day. So here's a simple suggestion: what if we turned one of the inactive servers and made it a full time Ahoyworld server for I & A, or branched off into another area of Arma gameplay such as Arma life, Exile, or wasteland? Adding another server would at least give players within the Ahoyworld community another option when both servers are full, and since the servers are already available, all that would be needed is a simple change in plugins and mission files.


What do you guys think?

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I think that AhoyWorld servers should cultivate what they are famous for and that is the popular Invade and Annex. Branching to other "game modes" takes manpower which could be put in signature I&A that has home right here.


When Apex launches there will be a big influx of old and new players. Even now with Apex in devbranch servers are busy and new players come more often). So having those extra servers would be handy if we will see a launch of a separate server just for the Tanoa and then there will be two left for gamenights and testing.

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