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Invade&Annex - Roles of the players and chances of just using the Arsenal



Chances of just using the Arsenal instead of VAS and possibilities for making people play their role


Everyone has seen it: People dressing like CSAT/AAF, thinking they are a Marksman/EOD while playing as Medic, etc...

To solve these Problems the Arsenal is just perfect because it simply gives the ability to just "ban" any gear from it like CSAT/AAF Uniforms and weapons.

Obviously this solves the problem of "wrong dressed" players what prevents accidential teamkilling but it also solves the problem about players not playing their roles!!! This is because you can also "ban" EVERY Marksmanrifle, Machinegun and gear (like the Minedetector) from it!

Now most people would say that this is insane because you can´t adjust and save Loadout efficient and have to go with what you got from spawning. But don´t worry: It still works!

This is because now you get into the game as an EOD for example and you can equip the minedetector in the Arsenal because you already got it with you! Same goes for Marksman rifles you´ve got with you as a Marksman, etc! This means that you can have your wished Loadout even if the weapon/gadget is "banned" from the Arsenal because you are carriing the restricted things with you when spawning. This means that as a Medic you can´t choose your Marksman Loadout because it contains a restricted object (the rifle in this case) but you can choose this Loadout when you are playing as a Marksman because you already got the rifle with you.

This would make Invade&Annex a lot better because players are forced to play their roles and the different roles would get more important because you would really need an EOD to get that "damned" Radio Tower in a Minefield down, or a Marksman to get that "annoying" Squad at the other Hill out of your way. As a sideeffect it would make the game a bit more realistic because not every player would ran across the Map with a different weapon but instead with the weapon that is given him/her by his/her role.

An alternative to make players play their roles would it be if you act like you already did with sniperrifles what means that you just restrict gear like weapons/minedetector to the classes. But I think that this goes with more work and it would still give players the oppurtunity to select every marksman rifle (even when it is from OPFOR).

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Ok, sounds great. :)

So are you also thinking about restricting the minedetector? Because as Medic it ist "frustrating" to get up all those people who have ran into the minerield and died because they thought that they could do it as good as a EOD and as EOD it puts yourself in danger when those people just run in and are about to blow up the whole minefield because they are thinking like "Hey, I've got a detector what could go wrong?!". :(


Best regards


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Was looking for a relevent thread, and this one seemed like a good place to put this.

Current build; EU#2 - 2.86k Tanoa

Laser Designator batteries DO NOT show in the Arsenal for Recon JTAC...
you get 1 battery by default, but cannot take spares, meaning that if you go down, you MUST return to base and grab a NEW Laser Designator to replace the battery.

Figured I should point this out as it makes the role of JTAC/FAC a little difficult at times.

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Current build, EU#2 2.86k Tano:


- Ghillie suit is restricted to sniper only, and not available to spotters.

- You can't add ammo to your backpack if it isn't for your own rifle/pistol. (confirmed in Spotter-role, not sure if it applies for all)

- Encountered a few days ago, so not sure if current build, but Autorifleman is unable to add RGO/RGN to inventory.



EDIT: Noticed today that anything picked up from the battlefield that doesn't belong to your own class (in this case, compact NVG) is also automatically removed. Though not absolutely necessary, I think allowing certain spoils of war could be fun.

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New experience today
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