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remove the appearing messagebox (right top corner)





I hope Im right here for this request.


I like to ask - as how you can read in the title - if you can remove this message box which appears and disappears to appear again after few seconds in the right top corner all the time or just make it possible for the player to dissable it after joining or at least move it somewhere else ... It seems like it's not the "Hint Title" (to find in the Arma3 Menu/ configuration/ Layout) because I tried this and it not worked ...
I know there is a TeamSpeak server and the rest of this informations or let me call it spam are also unimportant and uninteresting - at least for me ! (This is also to find on the Map next to base and I think on the edge too)

But after I noticed several other player who coplained about that too I created this account to bring you my request here.


Thing is ... I have my MiniMap exactly at this position and the other corners are allready in use for other important windows and similiar and other problem is - it's going on my nerves ... and as I allready said it seems like im not the only person with this problem ...


I not mean this donator- or member-messages they are ok because they only appear when somebody of this people join and only once.




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