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  1. While we understand that it is frustrating when admins are unavailable to deal with troublemakers straight away its still not acceptable to TK. Report via Chat,TS or Forums if no admins are active and the people in question well be delt with asap. Taking the situation into account on this occasion the ban will be lifted, but in future please don't take matters into you're own hands.
  2. mykeyrm


    Appeal accepted, Ban Lifted
  3. Perhaps u have a static ip plan with ur isp. But in that case we should see ur ban. Im at work so that all i can do right now. If not resolved in 3-4 hours ill look into it when i get home. Try .net instead of .co.uk
  4. Previous ip's shouldnt matter, unless he still has it in use he wouldnt be denied. Perhaps another person has been previously banned with his current ip. Refresh you ip address and attempt reconnect.
  5. mykeyrm

    all games

    As a side note to this ban, "shut the fuck up you fucking bitch baby" (To point out one of a few) Is not acceptable chat in game. If you have issue with a player call for admin in-game, on TS or make a post in the forums. Obviously personalities will clash in a public server but don't let it become a personal issue.
  6. Perhaps Read the rules before joining. I watched as you: Hit another chopper with your hummingbird. Fired at base buildings with Ghost-hawk side gun. Driving around in a quad and off road vehicle ramming the same GhostHawk. Obstructing the buzzard pilot while he was trying to taxi All while you were a pilot. If A chopper is broken.. fix it. This will be you're only warning to play by the rules from now on. Ban lifted.
  7. Not so long ago, it was only last month. "I accidentally rammed him" - um you rammed 4x actually so no not an accident.
  8. mykeyrm

    2LT D. Hawk

    Final word on this ban will not be mine however a couple of notes. "I am not new to AhoyWorld" - Then the rules should be known to you. Advertising of another server/clan in any form is not usually accepted by server hosts. "seeing as how it had never been a problem beforehand" - Not being noticed by staff before doesn't mean it's not against the rules. - The fact people joined the group, worked together well and the opinion of the other players about the group name is not the issue here. I would assume the friends of your's would know you by name and could soon find you. "I was sitting in my channel, politely talking to Chuck and Duncan after the whole incident" - Agreed and appreciated. MykeyRM
  9. Ban has been lifted elsewhere. lucky you.
  10. mykeyrm


    Given that I had just given a warning to everybody not to spam the key it should have been clear not to continue pressing it. This was a short term temp ban and has now expired and lifted.
  11. You have posted 2 appeals over two days with different reason for your ban on each. Care to try again with the truth? GUID - 77cfa8339ea02a126d5743a5e4047dfd
  12. mykeyrm

    Nick Stone

    Seem's to be a plague of little brothers out there with the intent of getting big brother banned. An Excuse/Reason we see all to often. I would agree with Pero on this matter. Perhaps a Password will prevent this kind of issue in the future. I leave you at the mercy of Danny as I myself and not convinced.
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