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ahoy coins in top right???

Guest Bartlett

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Guest Bartlett

I press on it and all I keep getting is

Oops! Something went wrong!

Sorry! The shop is currently down for maintenance. There should be a pinned thread over in our Ahoy Coins Shop Support forum letting you know what's going on and when the shop will be back up!

Thank you for your patience!

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Our help documentationContact the community administrator

This has been this way for a while, can anyone shed any light on it?

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*be aware * the poster above sells black market coins *be aware*


the reason for the link not working is the high trafic to our  ACB store and the high demand for the AW coins atm.


sorry for the inconvenience .


have a coin on the house 

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To answer Bartlett's question. The ahoy coins arent being used anymore, there isn't any use currently for them. Only to brag about how many you may have. With the new website in the near future they will most likely be rid off.

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