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CUP - Is it an Upgrade

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For the time being, there is always vanilla uniforms if CUP is totally unbearable. So far I've heard no mention of SMA being thrown out, so there are some HQ weapons left as well.

We will see how things are a few days down the line, when RHS has been removed after the grace period. People will get used to it, and at some point, stop noticing it.


Just don't think about it for now.

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Update on CUP 01042016.


CUP vehicles are ridiculus. No matter where you hit them they keep rolling wherever they want. AA vehicle has gunner outside. You can shoot him multiple time and he'll just slowly turn that 20mm gun on you and flash your screen. T-55 I've tested it shooting in CS with CUP version of M136 in sides, in wheels, in bottom (while inclinated on the terrain), back. The only effective one time shot is to the cupole itself. I don't know if it can survive AT 4 in real life but russian RPG (VL head) has more damage than allied AT4 m136 variant. NLAW is just poking the tanks. AA vehicle can survive 5 m136. I don't know what kind of hitpoints are that. In that regard I think RHS worked far more better. At least shooting AT4 in tracks will disable that track. For CUP it's just poking a tank and he keeps his Killing Spree.


At least we need create from flagpole with launcher crate of m136 x4, NLAW x4. That should be enough for two vehicles and if we are lucky 3.

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