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Hello, Someone signing in


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Who am I?
Hello, I'm "Someone", a 23 year old Swedish engineering student. When I'm not all busy with math I love to play me some Arma.

My Arma experience

I've played Arma for a while now, can't really remember how long. I began playing Arma 2 for the Dayz mod, but shortly after realized that there was so much more to the game than just Dayz. I've played plenty of King Of The Hill, Wasteland, Dayz mod, Dayz SA, Epoch etc. I'm happiest in a fixed weapon helicopter and have spent most of my time in the pawnee or similar helicopters, but when I can't fly I also like to play as some kind of sniper/marksman.

So why am I here?
I've played Arma 3 for over 1000 hours now, but it feels as if I'm missing out on the more "hardcore" content. I have been wanting to try something different for a good while now, something which require more teamplay and coordination. A friend, "Anyone" showed me the Ahoyworlds Invade and Annex servers and they seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. A place to learn how to better coordinate and play together as a team, a place to grow as a player and perhaps even as a person.

I guess that's all there is to say, I really hope that I'll grow into this community :)

Lots of love, Someone <3

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I think it's safe to say a lot of people start with Arma for DayZ then realise that Arma itself is a great game.


If you want a little more "hardcore" style teamplay and tactics, give EU3 a try, it's a modded server that includes a great base mission, sort of like Invade and Annex and, well, it requires teamplay and communication if your actually gunna go anywhere so ya know, worth a thought.

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I wonder how Arma would look today, had Dean Hall not created the Dayz mod. I'm really happy that I've found Arma, without that mod I would never ever have even concidered getting the game. I would assume that it really helped Arma grow and I'm so happy that it did, that it got me hooked. I've even gone so far that when I built my new pc i went with an i7 4790k and gtx 970 instead of a 980 and a cheap CPU. Trader performance in most other games for some extra performance in Arma ^^

Arma's gone from some obscure sim game, to something which most gamers at least have heard of and that is amazing :)

And yeah, I want something more hardcore than wasteland and king of the hill, but I don't know if I'm ready for true hardcore just yet. At the moment. I don't mind firstperson lock or similar, since I've recently bought me a TrackIR, but the regular Invade and annex seems complicated enough, at least for now :) But we'll see, I might grow brave enough to try the EU3 server after I've grown to learn more about Invade and Annex in general, so I hope that Eventually I'll be brave enough for EU 3.

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joined ahoyworld for this exact reason, noticed that the more "hardcore" side of arma is really fun. was the pilot on leutins pvp event and i had a blast playing it. so i decided to join this forum/group so i can participate in more arma 3 events

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