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Printable map of Arma maps

Pvt. Zwerger

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Hey :)


so I was bored an decided to create a printable version of some Arma maps. 


At the moment im working on a Takistan map. Here is the first version.


The scale of the map is 1:8243. (1cm on the map = 8243cm in Arma) For a better understanding 1cm on the map = 82.429m in Arma.

I know that the scale is pretty stupid at the moment, but im Trying to get it to a better scale. (1:100 or so)   :)


If you want you can print it and assemble it, just be aware that it is the first version. So it can have some problems. 

To assemble the map just print out all 32 pages (use a good printer for the best results) and glue them together with some tape on the back.


If you experience some problems or if you have some questions just contact me. :)


Feedback and improvement suggestions are welcome and needed ;)


And tell me which maps you also want to see in a printable form :)

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