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The title probably gave it away, but my question is when both RHS and CUP are finished, which pack will be used on the EU3 server?


Having had a look at the CUP vehicles pack the other day and comparing the similar vehicles to the RHS ones, I have to say the CUP ground vehicle textures are much nicer (air ones are fairly similar, RHS venom looks nicer). The following pictures are taken with graphics settings set to high.

CUP M113 Interior:


*Note that those are windows, not shitty PiP monitors

RHS M113 Interior:


Also, the CUP weapons seem to be much better balanced alongside the vanilla items, unlike RHS, in which an M4 for some reason has the same range and greater impact than an MX which fires a fairly larger round.


Despite this, RHS has a much larger pool of vehicles and variants, with the CUP one being limited to the ones from the old Arma (there are a few exceptions to this, such as the CH 57 and an M113 with a 20MM vulcan cannon, mobile BRRRRT box).


I guess time will tell which pack is ultimately better, but for now and from those who have tried both, from what each pack provides so far, which is the more likely of the two to be used on EU3?

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The only issue I have with RHS is that most of vehicles are pile shit apart from the hmmwv and most aircraft. With american ground vehicles being unfinished (textures) and having glitchy mechanics, I feel CUP has more of an advantage in this area. Furthermore CUP vehicles have more of a variety giving mission creators more options when it comes to choosing what armed forces to us.

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It's related to ACE3 and is going to be fixed next patch (3.3.4)


On the vehicles, CUP vehicles don't have the COMPLETELY FUCKED UP PhysX values of RHS vehicles, they don't have the shitty RHS armor system and they drive properly.


On an other note, some CUP weapons are low quality.

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