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Hello, I think its about time I introduce myself on the forums for the people that don't know me...Hi my name's darkstar1426, in game you might see me as Jake Greene. Anyway now I'll get to the point, recently ive been trying the role of Platoon Command and well... things didn't go as expected for some time and only recently I questioned the thought of "Should I go to the forums with a question?". So here I am with a question...and the question is "Can some kind folk give me tips on how to successfully command?". Ill also point out that Ive been getting quite a lot of help ingame by the likes of Plant1ng and Icy, oh and not to forget Origins. A big thanks to you guys. But its just that I am eager to learn more... So if you have any Tips and Tricks on commanding then his is the place to share...


PS: Oh by the way, yes I have read the post "Thoughts on leading a unit"

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Welcome to Ahoy!


I started to play Arma3 recently and was still quite a noob a few weeks ago.

Since then I have tried to lead a few times, nothing larger then a Fireteam/MAT/MMG.

Start slowly and learn the basics from the ground up I guess.

Listen to command chat when you play as a teammember, I picked up alot from listening and watching teamleaders.

Just add the additional channel to hear them talk.

Iam not sure if you know how to add a additional channel on your radio.

Do not drive as a teamleader, take the time to study the map (elevation/approaches) if you have the chance and respond to the radio chatter.

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You're speaking specifically about Platoon command?


Some thing off the top of my head:


1) Directives should be clear, concise, and decisive.  Don't start talking until you know exactly what you want to say.  Nothing worse than hearing a commander (or SL, TL for that matter) take 20 seconds to get to the point, when the point was essentially, "Move over there".


2) As PlatCo you will be directing traffic, so you have to be a good multi-tasker.  This is especially fun when Alpha Squad Lead, Vortex, Hammer and MAT are all giving you information and asking for instructions at the same time.


3) Personal opinion when it comes to planning - come up with a plan that's not overly complicated.  Brief Squad leaders only on the plan, modify according to their advice, and allow them to brief their subordinates.  It's utter death to have the full company briefing, because people spend 10 minutes dicking around trying to sit down.


People get impatient waiting to leave base, to the faster you can turn this around, the better.  The missions in Gauntlet don't seem to require a huge amount of finesse.


4) Don't let people badger you into taking certain assets.  Some people love tanks but if the mission doesn't require it, have them re-slot into a more appropriate role.


5) Be prepared to be blamed for everything that goes wrong. :)



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Hi there Solex, thanks for the reply, I played on EU#3 for some time now and I thought about stepping the game up for myself. As you said about starting by leading fireteams which i could also tick for myself if I could put it that way, I just didnt find it very "fun", that is because of people complaining at me for getting them killed by doing as im told, i.e move to that compound and clear it. I guess i need to work on my tactics and understanding the set orders as well as actually not being scared of saying "Wait, why should I go there?". I dont know if that is the problem.JG

Thanks Ryko for the feedback, I think youve seen me command a couple of days ago on Panthera. We had to insert by boat to the desert part of the map to destroy a vechicle dump.

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2) As PlatCo you will be directing traffic, so you have to be a good multi-tasker.  This is especially fun when Alpha Squad Lead, Vortex, Hammer and MAT are all giving you information and asking for instructions at the same time.


Just for point 2, it isn't just your job, its also everyone else his job to not spam the longwave the whole time, and also to not interupt a ongoing conversation between 2 elements. If your information is absolutely vital to the survival of you or another unit, then "break, break, break." is the que for everyone on that channel to shut up so you can give the intel, otherswise it is common curtesy to wait.


Now for my tips;


1) Because it is a realy good point, be short, decisive and clear with orders. But, dont be afraid to accept Squad Lead or Team Lead sugjestions if you have no clear view on the situation. (You often work of the map, not the front lines)


2) As said above, give people a chance to provide their input on planning, but in the end you decide wether to listen to those idees or to go with your plan.


3) Try to get people to be your FAC because this will split Ground and Air longwave chatter into 2 channels, this makes communication for you easier and less chaotic. If you have no FAC, but do have a Medic or Engineer, check wether Alpha/Bravo has those roles covered, and if so, tell them you would like them to switch to FAC role instead.


4) Don't run at the front lines anong with SL's. The worst PC's arn't the ones that make mistakes, but the ones spending unnecesarry time getting ferried back to the AO. Your place on the battlefield is at the rear, with other support units.


5) Planning is best left flexable (in my own opnion). You can make this grand scheme of a plan with lots of waypoints and such, yet often a plan doesnt survive through first contact; Give the general route you want units pushing into the objective.Place stationary support units on the map but let them change location if the given OW isn't suitable. Allow SL's to push in alternative direction if their current route is invalid due to heavy resistance.


Trying to micromanage to much can actualy hinder progress on the battlefield. But at the same time you need to be decisive if a unit is bogged down and simply not moving.


6) Don't be afraid to order a retreat if enemy resistance is to heavy. Keeping your units in a slow crawling speed march forward often leads to more losses then retreating and regrouping, or pushing to flank an enemy unit. Too often people feel retreating is equal to losing, but thats not true.


Thats some of my "personal" opinions, but in the end you will need but one thing, and that is lots and lots of experience to get better at it.

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I appreciate your help lads, I guess thats my question solved so far...I suppose I could allow other people to ask their questions here, if they want to find out anything else or just looking for general tips based around EU#3 (if the forum rules allow that, i mean i did create a "Tips" post for a reason, sharing is caring...to a extent).

Once again thanks guys, I also hope to see some more training events (I really like that idea). I missed the leadership one and didnt manage to hear anything about the general training.

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I`ve had the opportunity to play alongside some really good in-game commanders on different occasions (EU#3 and Mill-sim), and what mostly sticked with me from those experiences and what I tend to use myself as well ( along with Dakim and Ryko their points, so excuse me if I double any tips) were the following things;

1) Be decisive when you give your orders, and always have a argument to support this order.

In real life, you don`t question a high ranked officer. Buuuuut, as you might be aware this is not the real military.

Therefore, people in-game tend to ask ''Why?'' if they are unsure, dont agree or simply don`t like what you ask of them.

Usually you can suss this in a nice way by argumenting your decision, so everyone's happy, hurraay!

2) Start with something your good at, and slowly (or fast, depending on your free time) move up your personal CoC.

Solex mentioned this before, and I totally agree with him. You also mentioned you find it hard to be a Team Leader due to people blaming you for their in-game deaths. Unfortunately, this is always the case as a C.O in Arma, and if you want to be a good platoon commander you will have to know how to lead a fireteam!

Perhaps ask (or just do it :P ) Plat. Commanders and Squad Leaders whom you like to run with them and listen in on their communications. You can learn a lot by just observing.

3) Change up the plan, pace & composition.

This is more of a generalised one, but what I often see with people who start out leading ( I also did it a lot when I started ) is keeping the plan the same every time,

as well as the pace of the execution and how you utilize the player roles for who are on the server.

That last part is different on EU3 since there are usually no pre assigned roles/load-outs (Players can choose something different every time), but lets say you are commanding a game night event, and player roles + load outs are pre-set.

You could go for the typical head-on assault, but you could also think out of the box and create something unique every time, which is more challenging for you and more fun for the people following your plan.

F.E; Alot of people enjoy the occasional amphibious assault, instead of the typical Air Assault. Or perhaps take a convoy and get a group of guys who would like to function as ''Torch'' squad!

I hope I included something that the kind gents above me didnt already tell you, they have some very good points too.

You can always ambush me on ts, I`ll be happy to answer any questions you have. And if I dont know a general answer, we`ll find someone who does!

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Thanks Icy, Ive managed to learn a couple of things since starting this post as well as through the kind replies I received from you guys, I will now kindly step down the Command slot for the ones that are better at it than myself and instead drop down a notch in the CoC into the ASL position and listen and learn and try my best at a slightly lower level of complexity (if that would be the correct way to put it).

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