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Question about 7.62mm rifles.

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Hi, I was wondering why every class can use Mk18 but MK1 EMR and Mk14 can be used only by marksmen, spotters and snipers. I think that everyone should be able to use them because they use the same ammunition as Mk18.


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just because ammo is the same doesnt mean the weapon is. MK1 EMR and MK14 are both marksman weapons so only they can use them, simple as that. You dont need to engage targets beyond 600m distance annyway, so why use a weapon that can be used for that.

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Well, what about the M14 then? Look up Battle Rifle, you'll see an image of an M14 before you start scrolling down. If the M14 could be reserved for Marksmen only, surely the Mk18 could as well.


Add to that, their performance is too similar to argue semantics, imho. I'd say it would be very sensible to either limit the Mk18, or release all the 7.62s.

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