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RPG-7 | PGO-7V3

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As it took me about half an hour to figure out how to use the RPG-7, it's different ammo rounds and it's sight.


So basically, I'm gonna be walking through how to use this setup with it's different rockets:




  • PG-7VL  - HEAT warhead vs. most vehicles and fortified targets.
  • PG-7VR - HEAT warhead vs. most vehicles, modern (reactive) armor(ed) vehicles, works with two warheads one to trigger the armor and one to pass through the gap.
  • OG-7V   - Anti-personnell fragmentation warhead
  • TBG-7V  - Thermobaric warhead (utilized oxygen from surroundings); generates extreme heat and big ass blast wave.
                   Read below for more info on TBG-7V:

Their reliance on atmospheric oxygen makes them unsuitable for use underwater, at high altitude, and in adverse weather. They do, however, cause considerably more destruction when used inside confined environments such as tunnels, caves, and bunkers - partly due to the sustained blast wave, and partly by consuming the available oxygen inside those confined spaces.




Now for the sight:

Every round gets propelled differently, to know which part of the sight you should look at. Look at what it says at the 'x' part of 7Vx whilst looking at the warhead's name.


  • PG-7VL  - Use the П zero'ing.
  • PG-7VR -  Use the P zero'ing.
  • OG-7V   - Use the M zero'ing.
  • TBG-7V  - Use the P zero'ing.



You can also use the sight to estimate range though not recommended:

In order to do so; align the 1,5 line with the bottom of what you are trying to measure and figure out around where it hits the curve. 

Range is 300m-ish.


Reason why it's not very recommended and I'd prefer using a rangefinder etc. - object heights can differ depending on to what object you're measuring range to.


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