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Gamenight Sat. 30th May


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We will be playing Operation Dark Dagger

On ArmA3 EU#3 MODDED. 

Details about the mission will be below


The meet up time will be as follows:


Saturday - 15:30 GMT Mission start



Brief: You are a platoon composed of 2x6man teams with command as a separate entity. A C130 will drop you off in the mountains of CLAfghan and from there you will make your way down to a nearby town to secure transport.


HUMINT suggests there enemy prescence along the riverbed spanning E to W with additional roaming patrols scattered across the AO. When transport has been secured you will make your way to the small compound marked on the map and take out a russian officer then extract as you see fit.




You will not be allowed to JIP once the mission briefing is over..




I'm only doing this to make sure the gameplay is fun and enjoyable for everyone!


I also ask that you listen and follow commands orders. 


Any dicking around will be taking seriously and admin implications may apply for any attempt to ruin or misbehave.

If you don't have the patience to wait for missions to be planned and to play the game style of the game nights please do NOT turn up.

Gamenights are just not for you.


Hope to have a good turn out and see y'all on the battlefield!



For info on how to get the mods click here.

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