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Gamenight 18-01-2015 recording

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Hi, im the one who fucked up so i thought i might provide some insight as to what happened:

There where about 6 ifrits on the northwest side of the hill that the tower was on, i was told to take them all down.

So there i am with my javelin kill after kill, After about 5 minutes of no vehicles, somone in the squad calls one out that's just driven over the hill to our side.

In the video, the smoke stack for this vehicle is the middle one you see, its about 50-100 meters south of the tower, i asked if i was clear to engage it and was told to do so. So off goes the javelin in top down mode, slams right into the 7th ifrit like all the rest.

This is when we here "mission failed".....

It was my (and most of the people in my squads) understanding that the VIP is IN the compound, probably in the tower, not 100 meters south of said tower in a ifrit?

anyway, lesson learned was: make sure the person giving you the ok to fire is talking about the same vehicle :D

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