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Changing the helis





as a heli pilot, I though it would be cool to delete the Orca and put another Ghosthawk or Littlebird.

Here's why :


Even if the Orca is lighter than ghosthawk, the fact that it has no flare is a biiig lack. Because if pilots want a very mobile heli they'll take the hummingbird and if they want to transport troups they'll take ghosthawk or mohawk. With one ghosthawk and one mohawk we really don't need a dangerous to fly heli, that's why I though deleting the orca and ading a littlebird ( or another ghosthawk, but 2 littlebirds could be cool because sometimes there are guys that are alone and ghost and mohawk pilot don't want to waste time to pick up 1 guy ).




Thanks, and sorry for my bad english

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that seems to me to be a bit of the problem..there is no mandatory ts3 for pilots. i have however been in a pilot group on TS on several occations and that worked sweet as pie, the cooperation between pilots, and what bird took wich people where, were almost flawless, and also (not that it matters as much) these were pilots who knew how to fly and communicate properly, aside from the occational banter wich is "doomed" to be on a public server like EU#1..just my experience of it when all are on TS and know what they are doing, it is awesome!

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