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Xeno Squad manager

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Not sure if it's been adjusted on AW yet, but I received a PM from Xeno today:




I've heard that my squad management is still beeing used in the Invade and Annex mission.

Remove it immediately from it ...





This one is a reasonable alternative.





^ It's the 'hold T' one, and was sitting dormant in recent versions of I&A. 


not quite as easy to use but ... yea





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What is his reasoning for this?

Well, yes, he is the creator. But as far as I can see he more or less put it in public domain with no other license than (paraphrasing a bit, don't remember the exact words) "do whatever you like with my scripts. You don't have to ask me for permission". You can't really take that back, can you. What would it look like if Linus suddenly decided that; nah, you cannot just use Linux any way you want any more. I don't like its use in mobile phones, so stop doing that or else.

His general attitude doesn't make me want to be nice to him either, good coder or not.

From my google searches it seems like he is supporting his claims from steam workshop agreement that states that you may not use derivative work. Do we even have i&a on steam?

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As far as I knew we stopped using his squad thingy ages ago, unless it went back up on one of the recent updates,

No we don't have any version on steam don't but there are a few tweaked I&A versions posted by others on steam workshop that may be using the script,

Fair enough he wrote the code for it but what's to say someone couldn't write the same but slightly different order things and change lay out, it would no longer be his code, plus it's hardly his property he used the tool's provided by BI to create it so it remains BI property used under license to them that as Danne points out he didn't use in the first place

So it comes down to a respect thing,

it's sort of like the flappy birds dude he created something then didn't want everyone to use threw all his toys out of the pram then spat the dummy and demanded them all back cause no one else was allowed play with them,

The same could be said for Acre that's was a leaked non official version everyone and his dog still uses it why should this be any different.

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I still refuse to see how Xeno is getting so upset about people using his squad management system. It's not like we've blatantly taken his script and passed it off as our own, it's a good script and as such we'd like to use it.

Being butthurt and trying to get everyone who uses it (who may or may not have accredited him) to take it down immediately just defeats the purpose. Is it because he wants to gain proper recognition for his scripting? How does taking down all versions of his script from servers help with that? It just makes him infamous as someone who's gotten really butthurt over some people not putting his name in and crediting him for it.


Like, really. Punishing those who haven't done anything wrong because of a minority who have broken the rules doesn't do anyone any favours.

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Kind of seems to defeat the point of being a "community modder". I've followed the GTA modding scene much longer than the Arma one and the impression I get is that people make mods and release them because they want to share their skills with other players and make the game more enjoyable. Yes it can be annoying when people don't credit you but as Cain said removing something entirely because of a minority really won't do much for his reputation in the Arma community. He certainly won't have the trust of users if he decides further down the line to release mods again. 


I feel like he is shooting himself in the foot big time for the sake of something trivial. 

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Yeah inclined to agree with dave, whether or not it's a question of legality. The creator of this has asked that we not use it (which we dont). Whatever his reasons or manner of asking it's the courteous thing to do. It's a script in a game that isn't all that popular not something running on a majority of the world's smartphones. Let's not make a mountain out of a molehill.

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I have no objections to it being removed from any missions and the wishes of the author being respected. I was just giving my opinion based on my knowledge of the modding community as a whole and the modders I have spoken to. :)


Another thing to bear in mind is contacting him and ensuring that no action is taken against Ahoy World because of any modified Invade and Annex variants being left on Steam with the script implemented. 

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Man ! seriously .. the guy had a meltdown over a year ago,, and only really resurfaces every few months to have a hissy fit and throw his toys in the corner cause  "someone on the internet" might be using something he made of his own free will in his spare time ?


there's a whole BAG of meme's I could throw down to express my disbelief at the insanity of this scenario.


Butthurt  .. that word sums it up

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