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UGV Stomper lift up with a Black Hawk?


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I would like to be able to lift UGV_Stomper with a Black Hawk on my Server. Could someone help me adjust it so that it works? The only thing I have accomplished is that I can lift anything with any helicopter.


Sorry for my bad English and I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks for the help.

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We tried to work it out, the problem however is that you cannot lift vehicles with people in them (something to do with physx) and the controllable UGV has an AI soldier in it. The soldier is needed to be able to control it with a uav terminal (and lock it to blufor side). and therefore you cannot lift them.


You could replace the blufor ugv's for empty once but then you cannot control them because they are not linked to a side.


there maybe another way to lift them by going around all this, but it's a long way around and I have no idea how to do this.


also, ugv's have unlimited fuel so you can just send them somewhere and don't look back.

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