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Modded I&A3 Takistan?

JJ Cakes


We got I&A3 working with Prairie Fire, is it feasible to port it to Takistan and rotate it with Prairie Fire on EU#2?  I was thinking as basic a mod set as we can get away with, CBA, ACE, TFAR, RHS, optional ShackTac and whichever insurgent mod makes the most sense.  


I'm not trying to dump this onto @Whigital but if feasible would definitely need some assistance with what would need to be done (I know AO's would need to be placed, FOBs built and the normal faction gear stuff and how to build I&A3 locally for testing) and I'd be willing to take project "Sub Lead" under Whigi and divvy up tasks if anyone wants to assist in this project if it is in fact feasible.


Just thought it would be a nice place for players to learn the ropes of modded Arma, especially ACE and TFAR, where they can learn at their own pace without the pressure of a Zeus run game night plus running patrols on Takistan is just plain fun.


Is this a world of pain that should be avoided?

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While we have Frontlines that arguebly does the same job, I do see the change in environment and tactics with I&A. A gamemode port should be feasible, from what I've seen. 
I do remember a time where EU2 would be zeus ops with a minor modset like TFAR. I do like the idea and setup, but the debate between EU3's Frontlines and the EU2 modded I&A will be a tough one

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I think it depends on who you ask as to how much work porting I&A to a different map is. I know Stan put a lot of work into the Prairie fire server, and though it is good fun, it rarely has a server population of one or two, let alone many, so wasn't really considered worth the work that was initially put into it. It's part of the reason that ports have never happened for Global Mobilisation or Western Sahara (I think CSLA goes without saying, despite having a nice map), despite it having been brought up a few times (though I think someone was looking into it, maybe Fenton?).


The problem with another server, as Siege said, is the split in players again. There is already modded I&A Available in other places, plus I&A Tanoa, and the big step is really (In my opinion) the jump from mod-less to modded (and maybe the jump into ACE as well, but they often go hand in hand) so as an intro to mods server it wouldn't have much less than Frontlines (other than kit, and some stuff that's more hidden behind menus anyway (logistics, trenches etc) ) I think the benefit it could bring would be the separate map, and the simpler objectives, so It may be worth thinking about.


(In my opinion I tend to stick to non modded unless it's an organised mission with some more structure. modded but more open, like frontlines, isn't quite the right balance for me, so I tend to do it less.) (though i could probably be tempted to give a modded but more simple mission a go)

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