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In-game name when banned: RENQ


What message displays when you attempt to connect? Admin Ban: (RENQ/language/perm/ciken_no6)


Why do you think you were banned? For language and more


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? So I and my colleagues suffered a bit of challenging and insulting the administration, I and the rest of them, I apologize for what happened yesterday, I promise that it will not happen again. But also such a small note for chickens, so do not abuse the rights you have.


Which administrator banned you (if known): chiken_no6


When were you banned: 22.04.2022


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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You were banned for abusive language aimed at a moderator. An offense you had only 10 minutes prior been kicked for and which you continued once you returned.

This is a serious breach of our community rules if aimed at any member never mind a member of staff.


After reviewing the logs and speaking to the Moderators involved I find your behaviour to be not in line with the environment Ahoyworld prides itself on. 

As such I feel a ban is warranted.

In general I would say that you may seek to re-appeal after a period of 6 months, however, due to your behaviour since the ban, seeking to rush the process and borderline intimidate the banning admin I will merely say. 


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