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Altis Annexation - Sunday 24/04/2022 @ 1800 UTC


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  War on Altis






The Kolgujev Federation has been looking for an expansion due to the uprising tension between CSAT and NATO. The AAF wants to remain neutral, but a corrupt government is cutting ties with NATO CENTCOM, and leaning towards the CSAT pact. The Kolgujev Federation is taking advantage of the situation and has launched a surprise attack on the Altis and Stratis islands. While Stratis functions primarily as a military island, the main island of Altis has civilian inhabitants that are of concern. The Kolgujev Armed Forces or KAF, are advances in all directions on the island.

After loosing the majority of our ground in the NE, Rainman battallion that was supposed to hold the frontlines has requested anti-armor support. A detachment from Gusman battallion has been dispatched along with a mechanized element from Metal squadron to fortify the frontlines.


Friendly Forces

Altis Armed Forces, Combined, Conventional

- x1 Two-man platoon command element

- x4 Six-man anti-tank teams

- x2 Three-man LAV-25 crews


Enemy Forces

Kolgujev Armed Forces, Combined, Conventional



Link up with Rainman for further orders.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overlord". Operational command falls on "Gusman 1 Actual". 

This gamenight serves as a playtest for a couple of game mechanics, playstyle and @DomT's new Dynamic Group (DG) system.

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