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In-game name when banned: FENRIR


What message displays when you attempt to connect? Player FENRIR has been perm banned for racism / hatespeech


Why do you think you were banned? I had a nazi flag on my helo because i was in a stupid unit which i do appologise for it. I stupidly thought it would be a funny thing to do


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I realize it was a stupid thing to do and its been months since ive done it. I had made alot of friends on the server and had alot of fun on it so i would really appreciate it if you remove the ban


Which administrator banned you (if known): dont know


When were you banned: quite a few months ago


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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Hi @Mino,

I have reviewed your original ban and subsequent appeal.
You were banned in May 2020 for what I'll describe as hate speech.

Upon your March 2021 appeal being unsuccessful you doubled down on the language used and had your forum account banned.

A ban such as this is not overturned lightly if ever, and even then not in such a short timeframe.


At this time I have no reason to believe that your behaviour will change.

Therefore I see no reason to believe that this appeal is different.




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