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AI drivers for vehicles.




I have started to play more Arma recently and really like the Invade and Annex server, I really enjoy using armored vehicles to help take over towns. Because I don't have a active driver, I end up sitting still on top of a hill around 2km away from the AO. Thus I'm far away from friendly infantry and cannot directly work with them to provide cover and fire support. I also find that if I try to help infantry by moving with them, I'm usually killed by AT missiles, since I don't have a fast way to reverse into cover.

   While playing on another server, I noticed they had an "AI recruitment" system, I don't think this system would work on invade and annex, but it's something. This system allowed players to have a group of AI riflemen that would hop into your vehicles. As the leader/commander of the group you could go into the gunner seat of a tank and directly drive the tank as well. This allows solo players to use tanks and armored vehicles to their fullest potential.

   So, I suggest a way to have a AI driver for your Tank/APC/IFV/Car, be it a recruitment system or a button in the scrollwheel menu. I think this would make vehicle players more capable of working with infantry, being a moving cover and giving fire support from the same position with them.

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That would be really sweet for solo players and you could singlehandedly take over an objective, which is not how you are meant to play on this server. The game mode is coop.


As much as I like to play Solo, it is not something that I would want to have on EU1. It would be too Overpowered.


I think you either mean the Game mode Warlords or Liberation where you can buy infantry with points or resources.

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Sounds like a wonderful idea but there are two big problems that would make this a big no no.


First, as Sho stated, it will be overpowered and can be abused so badly. In warlords, all the trolls using AI in their command as untrackable teamkilling devices. I don't know why but BI studios implemented that team-kill command in game.


Second, optimization will be a problem. If you want to get rid of the first problem and add a recruitment system, that will take pages of scripts. Which means server FPS will significantly drop.


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