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Knock People Unconscious


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Mod name is 'Knock People Unconscious', It allows players to knock out other players and AI by using a binded key or ACE interaction menu, knocking people doesn't deal any damage.






Actually handcuffing AI is giving us more than this mod can give. However, If handcuffed AI is not surrendering (Handcuffed when unconscious or someone ran to them and managed to cuff) it gives away player positions constantly and all the AI in AOs start marching towards players. Additionally, It gives players a chance to taste melee combat in ArmA. Also sometimes civillians keep running in middle of firefights and end up dying.


With this mod we can make ArmA feel like an actual game, level up stealth gameplay by keeping POWs unaware and we can keep civillians down. 


By the way, the mod was allowing players to knock out anyone including friendlies but I talked to modder and they updated the mod with some CBA settings.

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