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[AWMSO - ATTENDANCE POLL] "Operation Chingades" - Chapter Two: Finale


[AWMSO] "Operation Chingades" - Chapter Two: Finale (ATTENDANCE POLL)  

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  1. 1. Will you be able to attend the mission this Saturday? (12/09/20 - 1700UTC)

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Voters names are public, however this is simply to see who is able to attend and who isn't.

"- We will be conducting a big Finale for Operation Chingados: Chapter Two.

- The mission revolves around the capital of Tembelan and will have multiple objectives, plus a massively important part of the lore (for those interested).

- The more players we get, the more the operation's attack will vary (urban rappelling assaults, scuba assaults, undercover assaults, etc. etc.) so bring as many friends as you can! - There will likely be a role+arsenal rework and the introduction of specialist slots (including Pilot).

- The modset will likely be updating and we'll let players know when it does (so keep an eye out for that).

- An important FRAGO will be released for everyone in due time for the launch (recommended for Team Leaders and above).

- I'll probably release an attendance poll soon to get an idea of player numbers. As always, all players welcome. Feel free to message me or Kenny on Discord with any problems or queries.


Hopefully we'll get a good turnout this Saturday, its gonna be a big one!"



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