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War for Altis - Act 1 Mission 6 Modded Zeus Ops 16.02.20 @17:30 UTC


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17:30 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)



Act 1 - Prelude to a Nightmare

Part 6






            Pushing back Freedom forces required a lot more resources than was originally anticipated. Losses were high. Many brave soldiers laid down their lives and their sacrifice shall never be forgotten. Thanks to their efforts the enemy was finally pushed back. Additionally Altian troops managed to secure data from a Freedom outpost. While msot of it is still encrypted, it paints a new picture of the current situation. And it is not looking well.

            Originally the high command feared that this sudden push meant Templar's forces have arrived on the island - they weren't far from the truth. The push was meant to distract us, while Freedom reinforcements were arriving on the island. Data we have decrypted indicates that several well known Freedom commanders are now present on the archipelago.

The Watcher - we already knew about his presence. He is a cautious and somewhat paranoid commander, putting a lot of emphasis on recon and sentry patrols to give him an early warning.

Torch - brilliant, but psychically unstable. Suspected of having some form of schizophrenia or HFA, possibly both. Adores usage of mines and explosives and brings it to the extreme.

Phantom - his identity still unknown, the man is a ghost. Master of infiltration and ambush tactics, capable of exploiting any weakness in security. He is almost a myth, both among Freedom and their enemies.

Seagull - technically not a member of Freedom, but operates with them very closely. Has good connections to black markets and commands his own band of mercenaries. He will most likely focus on training insurgents to be better fighters.

The Templar - the man whose arrival the high command feared. Excellent tactician and brilliant strategist, he inspires his troops and breaks his enemies' morale. He commands a detachment that is both larger and better equipped than most Freedom commanders can hope for, as Templar has connections among highest leadership of Freedom.

            Their arrival is bad news as Altian offensive is still not ready, due to all the troubles the insurgent operations are causing behind our lines. If The Templar decides to make his move now, the Altian military may find itself on the defensive. With general disarray among high command it seems that it is only several notable officers, such as recently rescued colonel Silas Xenotis that keep order and prevent the onset of complete chaos among the troops.

            And to add to these bad news the international situation keeps getting worse. The tension between Russia and USA reached a level not seen since the Cuban Crisis. Russia accuses USA of supporting the Altis insurgency and allowing the passage of Freedom forces on purpose in order to warrant American military presence in the Altis archipelago. They see it as a scheme to take control of Altis and its natural resources, primarily the recently discovered uranium deposits, which where a point of discussion for quite some time now. Tired of fruitless accusations and diplomacy, Russia made a demand - NATO has 7 days to withdraw all their forces from the archipelago and Altian government must accept a garrison of Russian peacekeeping forces. Failure to do so will be viewed as direct threat to Russian national security and will be met with adequate response. Russian military is now fully mobilized and Gatekeeper forces in their service are ready to move out from Syria at any moment.

            This development also put a dent in plans of Epsilon - international task force dedicated to combat global threat posed by Freedom. While Epsilon was preparing for intervention on Altis ever since Freedom presence was confirmed, the tense political situation forced them to put the intervention on hold. Due to the nature of Epsilon, they are not allowed to take action against any national military forces, unless in direct collaboration with Freedom. Additionally, Russia is still one of the members of Epsilon's council. While Epsilon has already sent some non-combat support personnel to Altis to help with intelligence gathering and decryption, the situation must be further reevaluated before decision regarding full intervention will be reached.

            Many thought the civil war to be a nightmare, but now it becomes clear this was merely a prelude. The true nightmare may be yet to come...

            The Altian doomsday clock has advanced and it is now one minute to midnight...










The Assets

Player faction: Altian military (with British support)

Player slots: 34

- PLATCO - 4 man command element + BRDM-2UM command vehicle

- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each (4-man fireteam, 3-man maneuver team + engineer - effectively two 4-man fireteams)

- Vortex - Pilot and Co-pilot - in this mission the role of Vortex will be fulfilled by British pilots. Due to equipment and aircraft losses sustained as a result of enemy AA net and recent operations of Altian air force their help is welcomed by the Altian military.

- Hermes - 1-man pilot element from Altian Air Force, equipped with L159

- Ares - 3-man vehicle crew, equipped with T-72


- Wildcat and Merlin helicopters

-1x L159 (multiple loadouts available)


- 1x T-72

- Various wheeled transport vehicles


The mission

We have detected several encoded radio transmissions coming from a source close to the frontline. The transmissions seem to be marked with Templar's own signature and while it seems somewhat suspicious for him to set up his HQ so close to the fight, this fact cannot be ignored. Your task is to break through the frontlines and investigate the source of the transmissions. There is a possibility they might lead us to Templar's HQ. It could enable us to gain valuable intel and perhaps deal with the man himself... Be careful, for all we know we could be walking right into his trap.


The modset:

The modset didn't change, but I'm putting it here for anyone who might need it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944287184




Hope to see you there!

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