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[SUGGESTION] New Main Base

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Introducing FOB noms!


Just kidding, but on a serious note with the help of danne and Kamaradski today I have been working on a really cool remake of the current base. It's far from finished, but let me highlight some of the important changes for you.



Gear Up!

The 'gear-up' area has now been placed into the barracks. Players spawn inside the barracks and can gear up in the cubicles. Privacy is important when gearing up, y'know? Like changing rooms.


Included: Officer's Office (wat?); Main Prep Area; Briefing Room.


28J9ZBSb.jpg mzPlgpLb.jpg oSj5UgUb.jpg



When you're done gearing up, you gotta get to the AO, right? What better way than walking out of the door and finding yourself face-to-face with helicopters ready to take you to your destination!


Included: rotor-blade suicide prevention obstacles, signage, flags, resting area, three pads.



Motorised Infantry

Oh, did I mention that only Delta and Charlie are technically Air Infantry? Alpha and Bravo get the luxury of having ground-based vehicles at their doorstep in the Motorised Infantry Barracks, right next door. A full compliment of 8 Hunters and 8 ATVs ensure that nobody goes without the means to travel.


Included: 2 Quick-Access Hunters, 4 Quick-Access ATVs, 6 Stored Hunters, 4 Stored ATVs (In the carpool behind)

6TXeKtPb.jpg KKXdB2Ob.jpg e8k6EGIb.jpg



While the Helicopter Repair point has remained in its current location (it's great there!) I have made a pretty sexy new vehicle repair point. Introducing the patented pit-stop-repair-point! 



It's the Little Things that matter!

Of course, no base would be complete without the little details! As I said, it's still a work in progress but I've added a few cool little bits.



Helicopter Spawn

The Helicopters have been moved to a neater little location, with easy access and no obstacles between them and the Pickup Pads.




Boat/Ship Repair: In the bay to the south of the base is a 25x25m repair point for boats. Easy enough.



Let me know what you guys think. If you guys are madly in love with the base so far, I can arrange for a personal tour, and also spend a lot more time perfecting it. Muchos Gracias, amigos <3


- noms

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Hiya Noms, this worked out very well, i absolutely love what you have done here, and i really hope Rarek will implement this into the mission at one point :)

Awesome additions here m8, i specially like the spawn inside the building & the pitstop style repairpad !!! keep it up, i cant wait to see the final touches on this one !

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you have to be kidding me!


This is brilliant man! I love all of it man. I am especially liking how you broke down the air/land squads. Let's see if they actually stay true to using those forms of transport :P


Great job man, I hope it gets implemented.

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