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  1. noms

    Modded Server

    I've got a small issue, I've downloaded the mods (including the two not included, plus the hotfix for the sound for massi's pack) and when I try to join the modded server it just pops me back to the lobby without any errors.
  2. Jeff, my hat is better than yours.
  3. I think I can safely say this post was written when I was having a particularly bad mood-swing, or a 'man-period'. I think what I really wanted to say is that I won't be as active or involved with any development any more, and I'd just like to play the games. I honestly haven't got time or the patience these days for anything else.
  4. I'll likely still play Minecraft with you guys, I was mostly referring to community involvement and Arma play. I haven't finished my factory yet. ;-)
  5. As the title suggests, this isn't an introduction, but this seems the most relevant place to post it. I am unfortunately going to have to leave the community. There are a whole bunch of reasons; Time Management - I simply cannot dedicate the gaming time to the community, or to any assisted development with any of the missions. On the note of 'assisted development', no matter what I did or how I offered to or actually helped, none of my contributions, ideas or works were taken seriously except by a very select few. Your community now pretty much has more 'admins' than it does players. Some players who have been granted or 'upgraded' to these positions are essentially then treating the privilege as a 'clique' club, playing only with their 'group of accepted friends' and pretty much ignoring other players who attempt to teamplay with them. I understand I can be playful and immature at times, and this might upset some of you more 'strict' players who want a super-strict-military-simulator out of Arma; but honestly, it was all in good spirit and some of you just can't understand that. I can take a hint. I'm sorry to anyone this doesn't apply to, playing with most of you guys has been a privilege that I won't forget, and I hope to enjoy playing with you at times in the future - I can however not commit any more time to a community where I am being pushed to the side and outcasted by even the staff. I have tried to help with the development of the missions and to help improve the quality of the game, I have even worked on my own mission that you guys hosted for a short period of time when the BETA was staged on the dev branch (which proved to be the most popular mission on there at the time); but everything I did was either discarded, ignored or taken and bastardised. I gladly gave the previously mentioned mission to Jester to develop further, and this was very quickly met with him being dragged aside by a core staff member as soon as it was mentioned, and upon returning, nothing was ever mentioned about the mission again, nor was recognition granted to me for the original mission development. I'm sick of it. I joined your community because I thought you guys were open, friendly and non-clique, the first few weeks were great - you accepted people with open arms and we quickly became friendly. Now... it's just different. I wish you guys all the luck in the world, but my final passing comment will be that you've expanded your administrative team too fast and without enough thought. This is coming from someone who manages a community of a couple thousand. I strongly urge you to consider just who has access. Today I was kicked from an Arma 3 server for having a laugh with a couple of players, and while the kick may have been in jest, it was unwarranted and I was in the middle of a game. - Aaron "noms" Challis While 75% of the above post still stands, and that I am still upset with the state of some things, I think I overreacted while I was in a particularly tired and bad mood. I'd like to make it clear that I'd still love to play the games with you guys - playing has never been the issue. I will however not be nearly as active in the community, and I will not be involved in any more development or scripting. I apologise if I have upset anyone by my words, but some of them had to be said.
  6. noms


    Hey guys, another shameless self-promoting update from noms. For those of who you I haven't already shouted at about this, but as of last week, Centration is officially going to be on Steam. We've been greenlit through the Greenlight process and we've signed our distribution agreement with Valve. This means Centration will be sold and played through Steam, which is a huge step for us. We'll also be at GAMESCOM 2013, for anyone here who's also going and who wants to might up and have a drink or something. Thanks for the kind words everyone. <3
  7. As if I don't have enough to do, now I'm going to have to update this mission as well. >_>
  8. noms


    Nothing fancy. Just an in-game screenshot looking awesome. ;-)
  9. Ooh ooh, am I too late to join this party? Right now I'm stuck with this set up due to recently moving and not having half of my kit (some of it was too big) But I used to have this set up:
  10. noms


    Our kickstarter got approved early, and so we launched the project 2 days early! For those of you who wish to contribute or simply share the link with your friends, our new kickstarter is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/angryengineers/centration Love you all <3
  11. noms


    So here's the kickstarter pitch video. I thought I'd show you guys before the kickstarter goes live on Monday; get some feedback and to see what you guys think.
  12. I like this guy. Can we keep this guy? Can we? Please?
  13. Also, you guys are more than welcome to use my teamspeak server in the meantime if you want somewhere to hangout and complain about being DDoS'd. The address is: ts.centration.co (Note: This is not an advertisement, I'm just offering this in the meantime.)
  14. I specifically avoided this thread so I didn't have to know what you crazy people looked like. I now realise this was always the best idea. I regret everything. While I'm here, here's me being a boss. Sunglasses indoors because I'm a douchebucket.
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