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  1. Mmmmm, interesting. So would it be o.k. when the server is empty, to take logi role, load a container, drive out to nowheresville and try and build a FOB with bells and whistles?
  2. So just to be clear, if a player takes the logistics role on a Stilleto mission they can create objects, service pads etc?
  3. Ok so only works on some missions? Not like the R3F mod then
  4. Which mod is it that allows logistics engineers to create vehicle respawn points, fob structures etc etc?
  5. Guide suggestion

    Hi Stan, I Finally got it working. I just pasted the UID info into ALL the Arma read me files I could find and it is now working in SP & MP modes. So now I won’t need to mess about on the live server to practice with the kit, guns etc. I am sure that will please everyone and stop me unintentionally breaking any server rules and regulations.
  6. Guide suggestion

    Yes I have, copied and pasted from your post with my UID inserted which I got from my steam account. I get an error message saying that there is a wrong number in the read me file. I used the steam id64, is that correct?
  7. Guide suggestion

    Playing in MP makes no difference. Still not Arsenal, mission task, ranks, roles etc
  8. Guide suggestion

    Ok I will give that a go.
  9. Unpacking mission files and playing them locally

    Tried very hard to get this to work without success. Issues are: de packer doesn’t work with win 10 so I used another free one which requires the unpacked mission to be manually moved but I am unsure I did that correctly opening the mission in editor and playing in any form: single player, single player with briefing, multi player results in being surround by soldiers at the spawn following me everywhere, no arsenal, no task or briefing on the map. Opening as host on line same result Probably me doing it wrong lol
  10. Guide suggestion

    Got the TS thing sorted I think. As far as the playing AWE locally... I had a good go at the download and installation but could not get the depacker working (win10 issue?). Used another depacker and put the files into the right folders I think. However when I try to run them in editor the game is not running as per the server option. Surrounded by players, no weapons or transport etc. Never mind, worth a go.
  11. Guide suggestion

    Cheers Stan, thank you. So if I do that will there be enemy or not? I will check out the keystrokes. Lots of problems today with the new Motherboard not allowing Win 10 to register as I had upgraded from 7 when it was free and the digital reg didn’t work. 2 hours on the phone to MS Bangalore got it sorted but now Teamspeak is playing up in game. I have to close TS and open as admin and reset the push to talk buttons every time I spawn. It might be the sound card but I doubt it. I didn’t have the problem before the new update.
  12. Guide suggestion

    As a noob to AWE I would very much appreciate some sort of guide to the specific roles, especially logistics. And also a quick guide to ACE hotkeys and functions etc. Sometimes I just bug out of the game rather than hold everyone up when the action hots up rather than make myself look stupid. I do appreciate the tolerant help from the more experienced players. I know it’s not easy to do in game, no time etc. It would also be most useful if there was a “practice range” with the modded weapons just to help get a feel for the kit. When I look at the kill scores I wonder if you can all remember what it was like to constantly fail to see the enemy let alone kill the enemy!! However I do enjoy the team play just wish it was a bit easier.
  13. Return of Tanoa

    Hi Stan, nice to chat last night in AWE, most useful. What I and probably other noobs need is the links to several guides. For example a guide to: what guns are available and what the symbols next to the guns refer to, a quick reference to ACE keystrokes (you mentioned head movement in vehicles for example, how to build a FOB, that kind of thing. Thes e guides are probably already out there but a noob trying to learn in game is frustrating for other players and the noob (me) ha ha.
  14. Return of Tanoa

    Why not have central spawn then teleport stations to the AO that HALO to a chosen point on the map? Is that bonkers?