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Arma Dev branch update


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For those who already want to take a peak at the upcoming update for arma this is today's development branch change-log:

  • Added: USS Liberty (Destroyer)*  
  • Added: MK45 Hammer Naval Gun* 
  • Added: MK41 VLS Missile Artillery System* 
  • Added: Boat Rack* 
  • Added: Briefing Room Screen* 
  • Added: Briefing Room Desk* 
  • Added: R-750 Cronus Radar* 
  • Added: AN/MPQ-105 Radar* 
  • Added: S-750 Rhea SAM System* 
  • Added: MIM-145 Defender SAM System* 
  • Added: AGM-88C HARM Anti-Radiation Missile* 
  • Added: KH58 Anti-Radiation Missile* 
  • Added: Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)* 

* Free Jets DLC bonus content to all Arma 3 players 


For those who don't know how to switch to dev branch:
Steam > right click on arma > properties > betas > development. 

You won't be able to join server that are still on stable branch you'll have to opt out again to be able to do that.

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