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Hi and a happy new year 2018


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Hi all,

My (ingame) name is Pete_Doe, and after a very positive first time experience on your servers I would like to thank the admins and this community for the patient and polite way to help a (multiplayer) noob to find his way into the game.

I'm playing from Germany and my main experiences in ARMA come from solo playing on dayZ/exile servers, but to be honest I'm bored of running around alone. 

So, again, cheeers to the guys who made my first time a good time and see you soon on.


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Hello Pete,


Welcome here. If you like to really work together and get the feel of teamplay with fellow soldiers i would reccomend hopping on AWE, but you need a shitload of mods for it. Have fun here and hop in a teamspeak channel for another game if you get bored of arma.



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