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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Prometheus Series - OP: Cronus - by KPJ

Karate Pyjamas

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When : Saturday 14th October, 1845 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Server: EU3/AWE


Briefing / Planning: 1830 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)

Mission Start: 1900 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Map: Altis

Mods: Standard AWE


First person lock: No

Loadouts: Pre-set with limited supplies

Respawns: Yes

Mission Length: ~120 minutes.


Factions: BLUFOR (USMC) vs OPFOR (SPA, Russian equipped)


JIP: Available

Number of Slots: 40-ish (with 1 Zeus operator)


Sign Up Link: https://goo.gl/forms/P0Uf6LcN34XZwzjo1

Current Roster, definitely not finalhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vBYc_x6ysL5YdHU9rOXCjFMqDG8z8PENTWRVO529E1c/edit?usp=sharing




We've captured the Airfield and have made a strong impression that we're not backing off. The initial assault went smoothly, the terminal turned out to be a death trap with many SPA forces holding up in the building. Eventually, we managed to fight off some reinforcements that slipped through.



Mission brief:


Intel gathered from the airfield suggests there's a training camp in the north of Altis. A recon team has been sent ahead and secured a LZ near the cost. We're to destroy the trainingcamp.


The recon team has spotted signs of minefields across the hillsides, it's still our only way in so we have to move carefully. If we stick to the valleys of the hills we are mostly out of sight and can slowly march up the hill towards Oreokastro.




Any questions, comments or suggestions should be posted below.

P.s. Prometheus will run for 3 more weeks.




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Not a critique as such, but it ended up feeling somewhat detrimental to have CMD with only one SL. Might have been better in retrospect to have put Jochem in ASL and leave me in command of Bravo only. Overall, I feel like things went ok all things considered, but I was essentially acting as Cmd without any SLs.


I'd be interested in hearing @Jochems take. I'm not convinced I did a good enough job of keeping him in the loop; because of the above.

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I agree with that it would've been better to ditch command and fill BSL instead. I found that the whole operation felt somewhat weird to me.


I found myself asking for SITREPs wich were basically useless other than giving me a better idea of what was happening (useless because most of that information wasn't used after I got it), those took time wich Amentes could've used for managing his teams.

I could've managed the fireteams more directly, but then ASL turns into a glorified retransmitter. Plus command really shouldn't be micromanaging.

Add to that I had no comms with Vortex untill he got close because the main base was located so far from the AO, and it resulted in me just wandering around, marking an LZ now and than, and shooting a few guys because I had nothing better to do at the time (I got 8 kills, IMO a count a bit too high for someone supposed to hang back and manage things).


I don't blame Amentes for not keeping me in the loop all the time (after all, he had no reason to other than protocol) or Karate. It was just the relativly low playercount that forced us to improvise on slotting and it wasn't perfect (for me). But if it worked for the rest of the players then I don't mind, I can't expect anyone to organise things to maximise only my enjoyment.


One last thing that might better belong in the new thread but I'll say it here because it stays close to the above: next op we'll have more or less the same situation because, since I assume the two recon teams will be more or less autonomous, command will be left to only manage Alpha and maybe Vortex for reinsertion. And while I love playing as command, I'm not sure I wan't to repeat last week for the reasons stated above.

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