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Spotting mechanic


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I cant figure out how the spotting works or should work.

When I am AT with Titans, I usually find a hilltop away from AO. I take out the Vehicles, when this is done, I spot for the guys with the laser designator. Sometimes infantry shows up on the map, sometimes not.

Can anybody clarify for me how it works?




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Pressing the report target key (I believe T by default) is helpful. The exact way the engine determines if you as the player actually have knowledge of a target is not known to me, but knowsAbout and reveal tell us that each unit has a knowsAbout float value for each other unit. Read more in the wiki.


What is also obvious is that the engine tries to determine if you are within hearing distance of e.g. gunfire or if objects block your view. Often, at least that's what I think, that algorithm's outcome is faulty, revealing unspotted targets on the map or, as you describe it, not reveal targets visible to the player. T often helps convince the engine of the contrary.

On a side note, contacts on your map are only shared with members of your group as far as I'm aware, so it's best to place markers.

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11 hours ago, shuenix said:

I was spotting and nothing came up on the map.


As for the Laser Designator,it only marks "spotted" enemies on the map if you spott em when full zoomed in with the LD on em.

And why not have the "report" key on right mouse button? way way more handy than pressing T (which is missile lock "only" on my config).

About 65-70% of my keys are double or triple assigned to several actions for bein on either foot/vehicle or air.

Its usefull,you know


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