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  1. Yesterday a Zeus came online, he helped the AI a little. Some parachuters and normal reinforcements. It was done in a very fine way. Zeus must have seen that the AO would be overrun at in time, because of the many players. In that way the attack slowed down a bit and all players got a chance to get a little combat. We could use a little more of this, especially when NATO forces are overpowered. Good work Zeus. Gert/Shuenix P.S. Maybe wrong forum, sry
  2. A few ideas and more

    Thats right. But when people learn to do it and mark the houses, it shouldn't take that long. The way its done now is hopeless and anoying. Anyway, just for a change and if doesn't work, we can change back again. If we dont keep the server evolving, we will loose the regulars in a higher rate than necessary.
  3. A few ideas and more

    I have to admit, I dont have a clue about what can be done and what not. I fell that ideas should be laid on the table anyway. I dont understand the problem about the abuse of boat spawning. Cant it just work like the vehicle spawn? I get the concerns about server performance and necessity to have an eye on the details. So kill the carrier and gain a little server performance there. If its a huge job to implement minefields I do understand your concerns. But if its done fast, it could be tested for a week or so and then evaluate.
  4. A few ideas and more

    Yes indicate a minefield is OK with me, but not the single mines. For that we need a mine detector.
  5. A few ideas and more

    1. Yes. I was trained in basic explosives in the army and if you dont do it right, you wont have the result you wanted. Worst case, you blow yourself up. It is not as seen in the movies, there is calculations and estimation involved. 2. With you again. Why make it all so easy, so the pace in the game comes into CS GO or Battlefield "gear". Real military stuff takes time, very long time. We had a saying in the army: "Life in the army is 90% boredom and 10% action". I am not saying that we should simulated boredom :-). But if we slow down the pace, just a little, it would be fine for me.
  6. A few ideas and more

    I wonder why!!!!! ;-) Maybe because they are placed as far away as possible. Thats why I suggest a couple more. Shuenix
  7. A few ideas and more

    Right. And I think it will be a succes. Cause its fun to blow up things. I dont think we will lack EOD specialist, if they have a good chance of blowing stuff up.
  8. A few ideas and more

    Hi again First I would like to say say that its good you are doing the rewamp. Personaly I dont like the point system, but something has to happend, cause its becomming a little repititive. So any change will do. One night when the EU1 was broken, a group of us regulars found another server: "7th Cavalery Realism". Their setup is quite different. They have implemented counterattack and Halodrop and much more. We had a very fun night on that server. I urge you to take look on 7th and see if "we" could use some of their implements. Besides that, I would like to see more "harbours" for the boats, at least one at the west side of the main island. Shouldn't we drop the Carrier, what it is good for? I have heard pilots saying that, I am not a pilot. I am thinking dropping UAV operator and give some of the recons access to the Darter, but I not sure it can be done. In my eyes, darter belongs to recon. Maybe attach a Recon/Darter guy to each group. Then give the Fighter plane 2 GBU's. Is it possible to get AI to ganision a little more? Clearing houses is an exciting and fun part og the game. Could we get a little more stamina please? Its a big island and you have to carry a lot of stuff, to avoid sitting in a vehicle all day. Give Teamleaders Nightstalker or something else attractive. Restrict the classes that can handle explosives. Its good server to play on, so keep up the good work. Thnx. Shuenix
  9. Rewards Rework

    I find that the Titans works best at around 1.7 to 2.0 km. Can easyli take armour out at much longer distances. At short range the Titan isn't very good. Will I be a "Lone Wolf"? Shuenix
  10. Parachutists on AWE/Gamenights/MSO

    You are not the only one misunderstanding that topic. I recall when I was in the army, many thought that you should wait to they land, before you could shoot at them. Shuenix
  11. TK Penalty

    Sounds great. Shuenix
  12. TK Penalty

    I really do think something has to happen. It is escalating. I was thinking about some "jailtime" if you do a tk. Maybe something like: 1 TK = 2 min Number 2 TK on the day 3 min Number 3 TK on the day 4 min And so on. So if I shoot up a frindly APC with 3 people in it, I would serve 9 min "Jailtime". The record would be reset at server start or each 24 hour. If its possible. I dont know. I dont have a clue on programming. Shuenix
  13. TK Penalty

    Yesterday, Saturday it seems that it was officiel TK day. There was a lot of team kills. Some of them was on purpose, no doubt about that. I was ready to leave the server, but I found an admin he made a kick and it helped. But later, about midnight, it was going on again. Is it possible to make a system, that punishes the player when TK'ing? I am really fed up buy those idi... who is running around with the only purpose to ruin it for other players. Shuenix P.S. I accidental TK'ed yesterday and even that it wasn't on purpose, I will take a punishment.
  14. Back to UAV's

    I have a hard time landing those small things. It not because I dont know anything about flying. On VATSIM and IVAO (Online flightsimulator) I have over 6000 flying hours and a lot of landings. The little UAV have such a flat angel when landing, it feels totally wrong for me. I guess with flaps out and gear down, it should have much more drag. So much that engine power is required. I support the idea making the salt lake to a little UAV strip. As a UAV operator, I also want to dedicade my time to the airborne UAV. I see nothing wrong in auto-landing. Commercial airliners have had the autoland for more than 20 years. It is said that the autoland is better than the pilots. BTW, good servers U have. Shuenix