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  1. A few ideas and more

    If RPG 7 and FF is an issue, then friendly BTR's, Quinlin's and Kuma's are much bigger problem. I must admit i have taken out a frindly BTR and a Quinlin. I know its my fault, i have the finger on the trigger. But theese vehicles in AO is a disaster waiting to come. Compared with them, RPG 7 is nothing of an issue. I know the size of crates and vehicles. I have loaded them very often. But I also know that a good variety can be done. I have often done it with Prowler and Hunter. I also know that good crates can be made and they are big enough for rearming approx. 15 men.
  2. A few ideas and more

    I have checked the supplycrates at main. They are sort of useless. We need to have crates with ammo to most guns. Also sniper, markmans and LMG ammo. 6.5mm stanag alone doesnt do it. When we get theese crates fixed, pilots could easily bring out ammo. And pack it with RPG 7 launchers too. They are light and good in selfdefence. Its the closest we get to an fire and throw away AT weapon. In my time in the army, everybody carried an "onetime" launcher. Couldnt the standard loadout in vehicles also be made as mentioned above?
  3. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    1 Approx. same speed as Cheetah and Bobcat, but much faster in acceleration. I think it will win race against thoose two. 2. No reason to lift it. The time it takes to get a pilot, fly it and get to destination, will it certanly do faster on most AO's.
  4. A few ideas and more

    This game tries to get as real as possible, thats why I mentioned my RL training. I think you are living in a dreamworld. The reality is: Take a vehicle to AO and even if you try to hide it. You can be pretty sure it is stolen when you need it. I have tried it so many times. It doesnt work. Get locks on the cars and it will be fine. Its all about the supply chain. Other servers the pilots take suplies in at the ending of battle in AO or when they go in for evac. They dont on Ahoy. Why dont the Huron sling a pallet when going the route anyway? I dont get it. Get the supply chain fixed and all will be more funny. We can have low weight and run, we dont have to drive long distances with ammo to the group. AT can get their rockets. Dont have to spent time on RTB and back and a long walk or just to get shot down again.
  5. A few ideas and more

    Thats excactly what I do, but try to be an Autorifleman and carry your own ammo. Either you have so much you cant run or so little you dont have much ammo for firefight, especialy if you need to do supression fire, it costs a lot of ammo. In real life you would have an assistent to carry ammo too and even some others in the group also. Depending on assignment and group size. If a group vehicle is involved, it would be full of ammo too. In that case you wouldn't have to go far for rearming. BTW. I am a trained MG gunner. Trained on 7,62mm and 12,7mm and Quad 12.7. Back to game: If the supplychain worked perfect in the game, it would be no problem, but it doesnt. Thats the reason why I suggested change in the stamina system. But I think we have to live with the "walking war". Gert/Shuenix
  6. Spotting mechanic

    Yesterday it happend again. I was spotting and nothing came up on the map.I tried "Shift-t" and "t" nothing helped. It must be a bug or something.
  7. A few ideas and more

    Yesterday I was told, that it is possible to lower the weight on the weapons. If thats correct, it could be a solution. Gert/Shuenix
  8. Nighttime on "speed"

    Any chance to "doublespeed" the time from sunset to sunrise? Nightfighting can be fun, but not for long time. So if the duration of darkness only was 4 hours, I think a lot people would be happy. Gert/Shuenix
  9. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    Why transport them by air? They got wheels and can drive themselves. Odd how this discussion got derailed. The idea is that they are indepentent and they are autonomos. Click with the mouse and they drive there autonomosly. I did some testing. 4 Stompers: All 4 without any incidents at all. They behave very fine. From Main Base to Pyrgos harbour 13 min. Remember it had to go through the narrow streets of Pyrgos. From Main Base to Terminal 24 min From Main Base to Cap Makrinos 43 min. Its all the way to the lighthouse south on the other side of the water. From Main Base to Cap Strigla (North of Molos) 36 min. The beauty is when they are on the road, you can do other stuff. They behave very fine. With 4 unarmed stompers you can have any AO supplied with ammo. Wouldn't it be fun, just to try? Gert/Shuenix
  10. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    In singleplayer it works OK. Once in a while you have to help it. I will try to make some long runs with them in singleplayer and see how it goes. I will report back here.
  11. Spotting mechanic

  12. I:A | UGV Stomper & UAV AGM for UAV Operator

    The idea is: The UAV operator load the stomper with "the usual" ammo. Its for all, not only one person. If he/she has 3 stompers, he/she should be able to have a stomper on station all the time. A never ending chain of supply. Maybe it doesnt work, but if we dont try, we will never find out. An unarmed stomper cant ruin the gameplay and should be easy to implement.
  13. Spotting mechanic

    Hi I cant figure out how the spotting works or should work. When I am AT with Titans, I usually find a hilltop away from AO. I take out the Vehicles, when this is done, I spot for the guys with the laser designator. Sometimes infantry shows up on the map, sometimes not. Can anybody clarify for me how it works? Gert/Shuenix
  14. A new Base

    Nice job Cryo. Lets go for it. Shuenix