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It sounds like a good idea to me, it will require some scripting to attach those turrets to the vehicles but should be doable.  
I'm currently quite busy with life though so i won't be able to make it in the near future but i'll try to get around to it eventually.  

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4 hours ago, Tales said:

Its sea-based setup means the same setup can be used with various orientations and configurations without worrying about clipping with terrain. 

That is the case for most of Altis' ocean, but Tanoa for some reason has varying depth even at the generic offshore ocean distance from land and Malden and Stratis are something in between if I remember it right. This should not play any role though, since the vehicles float.

I like the idea as it would make boats useful at last.

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Il take that as in a "any ideas that can improve I&A mission & gameplay wise" thread


Gameplay (non mission)


More frequent cluster mine or minefield : it could help making explosive specialist (and especialy the mine detector) actually revelent


Opening UAV terminals (while keeping Greyhawk locked to the CAS drone slot) to other classes


-Spotter > darter


-Engineer > ED-1 (both versions)


-Medic > AL-6 medical


-Explosive specialist > AL-6 demining (if thats a dedicated drone or just a DLC specefic modificationof it)




Escort : protect a HEMTT truck from rebells (IED/mines on roads & ambushes) to its destination


Help out a stuck BLUFOR vehicle :  get to it without blowing yourself up, then clear a path for the vehicle in the minefield/UXO from cluster bomb and drive/escort it to designated area


Evacuate civilians : inside AO in large cities, evacuate civilians that didn't got out in time (escort to designated location)


Capture : inside AO or as side, capture & escort an officer or commander


Medivac : a downed helo has to be retrieved, pilot secured, helo destroyed with explosives and the pilot escorted to safety


Naval support : an enemy ship has been spoted at the coast, destroy it before it start hitting you hard at the AO with its cruise missiles



That's just some rough ideas I've got

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@Foxtrot39 since this thread was created, almost exactly 2 years ago now, a lot has changed in the development of I&A3.  I suggest making a new thread in the ideas box, I think it's more likely you'll get an answer there.

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