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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Operation Backwoods - Benjamin Levine


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Operation Backwoods


When: Friday 16th June, 1900 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  

Server: EU3/AWE

Briefing / Planning: 1845 UK LOCAL (GMT +1) 

Mission Start: 1900

Server: EU3/AWE

Map: Tanoa

Mods: Standard AWE AND Apex DLC

First person lock: No

Loadouts: Provided, with a limited arsenal.

Respawns: Yes, in waves upon objective completion or failure

Mission Length: ~120 minutes. Possibly longer

Factions: BLUFOR (NATO) vs OPFOR (CSAT). Both Playable.

JIP: Yes


Players should be aware that the MSO will be running on EU6 at the same time to offer an experience to those who do not have the Apex DLC. 


SIGN UP: https://goo.gl/forms/T7huUQLFgVrjRbLC2


30 Player slots available.




Swedish Special Forces have been deployed to Tanoa to deal with the rise of a radical PMC group, Black Bear. Local drug running groups have also been seen in the area, that are disrupting the Tanoan economy. Disable and destroy both through counter terrorism operations. NATO needs to maintain plausible deniability so keep it tight and try not to get captured. Armed transports are available for CAS. SCUBA and fast roping will be key to success in the dense jungles of Tanoa. 


Depending on how long the gamenight runs for, zeus operations may be run following this event. Or players may join the MSO, again depending on time.







Any questions or updates should/will be posted in this thread.




(Events Manager)

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So I know that player count has been a little low on the server lately and that this game night is not accessible to everyone, but if you are able I really do encourage that you come out and experience a Tanoa game night for one of the first times on AWE. 




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