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Malden & Invade and Annex


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So about a month ago Malden was announced to be coming to I&A, As well as this I think a bit of Stratis was planned to come out too (not sure if that is still going on) Anyway, I was wonder if the Malden map will make its way into I&A, I have vaguely looked into it and I have to say it does look very good, It has 2 airfields (One being off the coast) a large abandoned power-plant/Research base and a whole load of towns. I think the map can accommodate 30 - 45 players at most but I will leave that to other peoples opinions.


Anyway here is the map, Tell me your thoughts


Image result for arma malden map



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On 12/6/2017 at 6:43 AM, Cryo said:

It looks pretty good. However, the size kind of worries me. If it is near stratis size the AO's should be updated, either making em smaller or fusing multiple AO's into one better AO.


Good idea 

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