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Can't find the EU#1 servers


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Hello all,


first of all I hope this is the right part of the forums to post this. Tried to find a similar topic, but couldn't find anything.


I've been trying to get on the EU#1 server since last night, but I can't find it at all. I've been searching it through the official launcher, in game and even the steam server search, all without results. EU#2 4 and 6 show up regularly, but no trace of EU#1. Tried to connect directly with the IP, but doing so from the launcher causes infinite loading and from in game it just throws me back to the server list. Granted, I might be doing something wrong, but I entered the IP adress and I guess that should be enough?

A friend of mine is able to connect without problems, but I can't join him via Steam and I can't see him on the "Friends" tab of the browser.

I realise that we could just play on EU#2, but since #1 is busier I'd just prefer that. I'm at a loss and can't really come up with any other solutions, so I hope that you guys can help me.

I've also added two screenshots of the mods I installed, just in case they might cause issues.


Thanks in advance and again, sorry if this post is in the wrong place.



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Hi guys, thanks for the answers.


I unsubscribed from all the mods, tried to connect directly and got nothing again. Directly connecting from the launcher opens the game but I'm stuck in the Arma 3 Apex loading screen forever, I left it running for 15 minutes. From inside the game I get no results. Getting into the EU#2 server works just fine that way, I only have issues with EU#1.

I'll stick to EU#2 for now, I'm just curious why this isn't working at all.

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There sure is some mod still loaded that will blend out EU1.

Why not create a New profile in A3,this will create a profile with standards (no mods) and you then should easily find EU1.

To play in modded Servers just change profile again.


Also why not use a launcher that sync's with the Server you wish to play on,SIX did that but thats Years since i last used a mod

I m just clueless that you can See/join EU2 with your profile

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I went as far as un- and reinstalling the game completely, also checked my router settings just in case and port 2302 is open.

I'm just as clueless, mostly because it's not just this server, there are others that are visible to my friend in the UK (and most other people I presume) but not me in germany.

Can't come up with any reasons for it, so I'll just stick to EU#2, even though I'd like to check out the madness that is EU#1. Thanks again guys.

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Try Direct connect from withing the game server browser. Don't use the Arma Launcher.  I am from Czech republic and had similar troubles and this solved it for me. Then I marked it as a favourite and voilà server is now in favourites and recent tab of server browser. 


EU1 - Address:   Port: 2302


BTW: Gamespy was the best Steam sux!

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