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Hi, I figured it was about time I registered since I have been spending so much time on the server lately!


I'm a Swede living in Oslo, Norway. I spend my time at work as a project manager and lately I have enjoyed ARMA in my spare time. Even though I played quite a bit of operation flashpoint and also some ARMA 2, I have to say that the ARMA 3 Alpha really surprised me in a positive way.


In game I have both been lone-wolfing (in the mornings) and playing with other regulars, and even though driving around alone in an Ifrit, sniping Iranians from afar, is fun (and almost therapeutic) in it's own right, I much prefer the company of a good crew, which is what I seem to have found on this server.


My experience with the AHOY crew, the server, (and most of the people on it), has been great so far. I won't be playing as much as I have these last few days, but I hope to be a regular in the future as well!


See you on the battle field!






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