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Hello everyone, my name is Gary but you can call me RedVelvetyfox, Red, RedVelvet, or fox,(well i guess you can call me velvet if you really want to).

but im a somewhat new arma player i only started playing a few weeks ago after watching alot of Liru the lance corporals Youtube videos. and i saw him zeus a ahoyworld server in a video and wanted to join in the fun. I hope that we can get along well.

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If you need any help ingame just ask, there are a lot of regular players that will be happy to help.  Or hop on teamspeak, even more people that are willing to help there.  Someone will probably be in here soon to point you to the rules. And some people will come here to tell you that AWE (eu3) is the best server, don't believe them EU2 is waaay better :D

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