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We're Coming Back!


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Ahoy everyone!


Most of you will not know us, as we were a small Team playing mostly on EU#1. But we used to play as a team known as Raptor 7 Task Force or R7 for short. I remember playing for hours on end on the servers given to us by AhoyWorld! Incredible Servers! This time, we're coming back, as RAPTOR 1 (R1). We will see you soon!


Good Hunting all!


R1 Dusty

Raptor 1 Squad Lead


STEAM PROFILE LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/id/R1Dusty/ (Feel free to add up :))




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Ahoy Dusty, welcome here.

Good to see you have so much fun here on Ahoy. To keep it fun for everybody, take a look at the ahoy-rules and make sure your squad knows about it aswell. If you stick to them youre almost guarenteed to keep playing around for a long, loong time.

Maybe its a idea to give Ahoy enhanced (also known as eu3) a try? It will be a complete new arma experience without lone wolfs.

The rules can be found here:


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Hey kman,


Yeah! I recognize your name! You were one of the few helis, that we happily boarded,  and felt safe! Glad to catch you again!


I'm sure we will cross paths on the battlefield again!


R1 Dusty
Raptor 1 Squad Lead

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