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Hey everyone!


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Hi guys, I'm Pause! Currently I live in Florida and have been playing ARMA from the start of the series! Im an Anime fan and love to fly or work from a tank. Get me on the ground on foot and im dead in 5 mins.


I would love to learn better ground tactics and feel this community is the place for me!


Thanks for reading, see you on the ground!

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Hello Pause, dead within 5 minutes huh?


Just to give you one lesson: if you ever watched those crappy rambo movies, dont copy that. Ok, one more...find yourself a good postion with cover (not concealment) before you start shooting, if you start shooting before you are in cover, ever meter to get the cover counts double in your disadvantage and make shure you are the one who's shooting first (all mentioned before counts for the enemy aswell...)


Anyways, have fun here and hope t0 see/speak you soon...!

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