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When I played on EU #1 a few days ago, I saw a Zeus player spawning AT units in front of a tank that was rampaging a side mission. I'm not going into detail where it happend, or which player was in the tank/zeusing. I don't exactly care about that. But I wanted to ask if it's allowed to do those kind of things -- Spawning AI to stop somebody in front of somebody doing a mission, interfering the flow of the game, whatever. I don't remember anyone asking a Zeus to unnecessarily "spice up" a side mission. It just struck me as odd. So?

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Can i direct you to this thread that is active at the moment.

The spartans are on a steep learning curve, they have been thrown into the mix with not much guidance. ( We can only give so much). There will be mistakes and there will be slight changes to how you might experience I&A, but this should all settle down in due course. The spartans are allowed to spice up a mission, but obviously they are meant to do it long before you get there. 









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