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Issue with chat ingame (enhanced)


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Hi there. i have been playing a while on ahoy regular servers and tought hey, why not try the enhanced server?

So i followed all instructions here on the forum in order to install the mods etc. Everything is working perfectly in game except i cant use the prox chat.

I can talk and people can hear me over the task force radio but not on the prox chat. i have checked the plugins / reloaded the plugins on TS and run TS as admin. i have tried to use different push to talk keybinding from macros to standard buttons. What is weird is that i can talk on the other channels and i have confirmed people have heard me on TS but once i get trown in the enhanced room i cant use it anymore. i tabbed out of arma and confirmed that the push to talk button is functioning.

My task force radio is up to date.

Thanks for reply


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- Make sure you have no other voice addons/plugins installed (ACRE for one).

- Make sure you correctly installed TFAR - don't use ArmA3Sync's installer. Only use it to get the files.


If it's neither of those

- Fully reinstall TFAR, and by that I mean delete every single TFAR file you can find in both ArmA and Teamspeak, then reinstall.

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