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Primary weapon disappears when leaving base

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Hi, pretty new here so apologies if I'm making an obvious mistake but when I try to board a heli to leave base my primary weapon vanishes. I still have my side arm. I don't drop it on the ground nor is it transferred to the heli's inventory. Am I doing something wrong?

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12 minutes ago, PERO said:

Weapon restrictions remove your primary weapon.

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As Pero said, not all classes can use the same weapons. For example, most 7.62 rifles are unusable for most classes with the exception of marksmen (because marksmen usually use 7.62 caliber DMRs and such in the field IRL). The same goes with LMGs and automatics being restricted to Auto riflemen , Titan launchers being reserved for AT Riflemen, etc. The same restrictions are put on longer range scopes, equipment such as tool kits and med kits, etc. Usually, when an item is removed, it will tell you what class it is restricted to, so if you want to use that item, switch to that class.

Hope this helps :)

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