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I was recently contacted by a new member (hereby 'A') on teamspeak regarding a ban on a younger user ('B'). While we both agreed that the ban on 'B' was valid given B's age and the content that goes around in the Ahoyworld community (as well as arma itself being a PEGI 16), 'A' did point out that there is no clear rule regarding minimum age, which B wanted to see proof of as he felt that the admin in charge was banning him unjustly. (I have further comments regarding the conduct of the admin involved, but that is off topic.) 


There are also no clear forum or teamspeak rules, only I&A and EU#3. While I understand that people should "use common sense", there is substantial evidence that a lot of people don't have it. 

I'm suggesting there is a meeting (staff or community) in which we go through the rules, decide what is still relevant, what needs to be added or changed, and what needs to be further clarified. Hopefully, this should prevent further confusion in the future, as well as provide a more solid rule-set for users to abide by, and be tested against. 




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