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Hi guys!


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Awesome cant wait to see your fort, castle, mansion finished... btw which is it? :P

Which ever it is!  Awesome looking place!

Ummm... I don't have a clue haha


Thanks guys



I've decided that it is an idea! Yep, there we go!





I might even turn it into an inn



Hmm... what to call it??



Yep it's decided! It's going to be an inn. But not just any inn! This place will have a huge wine cellar, a dance floor and an awesome beacon-disco ball! Time to get started.



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Sorry to be the fun police here.


Define: "we", old topics will confuse any new member browsing, especially concerning old features that we don't use any more.


It could come across that we make things that don't work or our topics can go for months at a time without reply.


Don't want to sound harsh and you're both very welcome to look.

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