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As i understand, there are different ranks (ambassadors, Spartans etc.) and i understand that one is ranked above the other. Now, my question is say, if you want to become a Spartan, must you work your way up through the ranks below, or if a staff member sees fit, can just let you skip past a rank.


I think this is a silly/obvious question, but i'm unsure how strict the staff are with ranks and how they deal with it.



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This is the tier process, member, field ambassador, spartan/eu3 mod, admin and core staff. We usually pick Spartans who have gone up the ranks, this means we can trust them and know they aren't going to wreck the missions. This isn't set in stone, but it's the fastest way to get spartan. The only way you can 'rank up' is an admin coming forward to the administration team asking if the person I'd suitable. Asking an admin yourself won't speed it up.

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