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Operation Baywatch: July 18th (monday) 4:30pm EST/20:30 GMT

Liru the Lcpl.

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You asked, and I listened!

NATO, we just got word that our offshore shipping platform for exporting our goods has just come under attack from unknown hostiles! We’re suspecting the local guerrillas had something to do with it, and if the rumors are true, CSAT black ops forces are backing them. We’ve provided some images about the platform and its location below. This needs to be taken care of ASAP, this platform is key to our economy and we’ve lost contact with the workers on the platform. If the bandits really wanted to cripple us, it’s possible they might try to demo the platform…


1.      Secure the hostages

2.      Disarm the explosive satchels around the main platform

a.       Disarm AA points in secondary platforms for aerial reinsertion to be possible

b.    Find out CSAT's interest in the platform

c.    Eliminate CSAT's method of transportation


Hey Guys! It's time for an offshore platform, and it is by far the most ambitious zeus project I've done in a long time! I’ve been running a small PMC style campaign on Tanoa with some of the more seasoned ahoyworld members (but some of the missions are planned to be open to the public, don’t you worry!) and this mission is going to serve as a test for one of the major missions in the storyline (that will be open to the public in about 3-4 weeks after this mission finishes). What we’re testing here is offshore platforms: they’re a pain in the butt to make but it’s very rewarding to set it all up. I have not decided if there will be a CSAT team yet, but if I see 4+ fire teams set up I’ll definitely have to allow some CSAT players in order to even things out.

Sign up sheet Closed BUT DROP INS ALLOWED

More images will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. Operate operationally ladies and gents :3

And remember to bring your mini submarines and dive gear!



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7 minutes ago, RunnerX said:

Im new to the community but not to arma so if its okay im op for this and i have thursday off so im game all night.

let me know if its okay, and i will sign up

As long as you learn how to use a scuba suit and sigh up, I don't restrict anyone for this operation. All I ask is that you listen to the squad leader, team leaders, and follow simple rules...

So go ahead and sign up :3

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6 minutes ago, Liru the Lcpl. said:

As long as you learn how to use a scuba suit and sigh up, I don't restrict anyone for this operation. All I ask is that you listen to the squad leader, team leaders, and follow simple rules...

So go ahead and sign up :3

i will do :) and im a good listener.(not if you ask my girlfriend haha). Its the reason i join this community i want a more Organizes arma experinces.

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Just now, RunnerX said:

i will do :) and im a good listener.(not if you ask my girlfriend haha). Its the reason i join this community i want a more Organizes arma experiences.

Take a look at Lt's EU 4 thread for the information for his events down in the Arma section, and keep your eyes open for my weekly events, as well as any other events in the news section ^+^

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So will we plan ahead this time?

I will present some of my ideas and tips.



- Gain as much intel as posible with UAV operator this time. Good intel is must for fast and precise operation!


- Offshore platform means we need to get close and personal to engage. Pack bulletproof vests in backpacks and some light high ROF weapons. Remember that overpenatration is a bad thing for hostage rescue.


- EOD specialists should have SDAR rifles with UW ammo because they will be looking for satchel charges and thus they might need to engage enemy diver if some will be present or can engage targets on platform while they are still underwater (UW 5.56 can penetrate water and have enought energy left to kill person standing above you). Others can carry silenced SMGs or carabines. Silencer are there more for hidding flash so you dont blind yourself when firing with NVGs. Intel stated that there might be CSAT present so do not use IR laser pointers. Also, ASP Kir will shine in this enviroment if it will be available to us.


- Marksman can support main force by taking down sentries on elevated positions such as Guard Towers, ATC, Lighthouse, rooftops and above entry points. During clear night Marksman with .338 rifle can engage targets from dinghy boat from range aprox 1400m (LRPS). This requires calm weather conditions. Alternatively after AA threat is neutralized Marksman can engage from MH-9 bench. FiringFromVehicle positions has some sway to it so train shooting distant targets from vehicles in advance.


- AI will spot you in water: day - 60m; night+NVG 40m; night+noNVG 20m

Distance is aproximate and might vary with AI skill. I need to test it some more with AI detection test by Greenfist

SDVs can get as close as 300m (in testing i got as close as 224m in daylight before i got detected). We  should drive them as deep as possible. Dive from periscope depth when crossing 700m distance to objective.


- If AI on shore is shooting bullets at you, he will NEVER be able to hit you (even centimeterers under surface). Granades thou...they are really deadly underwater and if AI has them they will use them. 40mm granades detonates on contact with water surface and overpreasure can kill you too.


- Check your gear before leaving. I know this is obvious but underwater you will not be able to even open inventory. So put those NVG, GPS, attachements in place before you leave SDV or dive.


- Move all teams to positions before proceeding with further actions. If shit hits the fan it is generaly preferable that everybody is in position.

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@Cebi We're going to have some organized command structure for this operation, starting the Alpha-1-1 Squad leader broadcasting orders via whisper system to the team leaders. I would agree that strategy should be discussed but remember: there will be a large main platform and three smaller platforms. I'll provide more pictures as I develop them further (these things are an absolute pain in the ass to make) but excellent pointers to make Cebi.

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@Liru the Lcpl.: I know there will be command chain but instead of complete strategy of attack which is in competence of members of command i only provided (as you said) some pointers for offshore assault tactics in Arma3 and its specifics. :)


BTW: Here is my loadout. Vest fits inside assault pack and is empty so it can be put on instantly throught inventory. I selected this vest because it is lighter then NATO counterpart and has bigger neck and groin protector. 6xStanag, 4xHE 40mm, 3xIFAC and then some smokes,flares, one hand granade...everything Grenadier needs. I selected SPAR 5.56 with UGL because it has the smallest recoil of all weapons with UGL.




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It has come to my attention that half of the players that have signed up are *also* doing a private event that starts an hour beforehand from mine and ends just as mine would begin, so to both give them time to take a small break then set up for mine so the other half of the players who have signed up for mine don't have to wait for them, i'm pushing the start times to 4:30 EST which is 20:30 GMT. I'm sorry if this becomes an inconvenience to anyone but I can assure you that we're starting on the dot at this time, and if you're late, you can either link up with the other underwater teams or wait until the secondary objective is done and fly in by air.


Also, we have 16 players signed up, which is GREAT! If no one else signs up I'll have Cobalt and ZNC move to the other two teams that need a 4th and such, though there might be drop ins.

On a final note, Please let me make the teamspeak channels and make sure the team leaders and squad leader are all calibrated to speak to each other via the whisper system. This is so that, since I make all the channels, I can easily move people around the channels as well as team leaders and squad leader can easily coordinate with each other. I don't want to see any side chat banter, so please have a liiiitleeee bit of discipline here :)

See you all Monday!


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